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12 Full CSCS Mock Test Questions on CITB Behavioural Case Study 2015

A real Cscs test now which just includes 50 multiple choice questions to check your basic knowledge on the construction site during 45 minutes. In fact, there are 38 multiple questions for basic background on the site and 12 multiple questions for behavioural case study. In addition, because behavioural case study sections does not include any Cscs book or materials that you need to practice more health and safety situations on the construction site to improve your knowledge and skills. An other hand, you will need to involve the issues in the question and choose a correct solution that it maybe appear in a new situation.

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There are total 12 behavioural case study questions divided into three case studies, each of which comprises of 4 multiple choice questions. Each question will give you the chance to follow a fictional character that faces various critical safety scenarios on site. By the time a situation crops up, you will need to select the best answer before moving on. Every answers you choose will decide the next question or situation you encounter. Once you have chosen an answer, there will be no way to return. Then ensure your selection of answer is definitely to your heart’s content prior to moving forward. Hope that this brief account of CSCS behavioural case study questions would give you some hints of those 12 questions. Indeed, don’t forget to consider the below example questions to get acquainted with the structure of these questions and keep up your hard work crushing powerful CSCS card mock test questions. Let’s enjoy in 12 Full CSCS Mock Test Questions on CITB Behavioural Case Study 2015 in order to prepare well for your real Cscs exam. Let’s us know when you passed your real test please!

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12 CITB Behavioural Case Study questions focus on David and John’s issues in these scenarios below.

12 Full CSCS Mock Test Questions on CITB Behavioural Case Study 2015

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CITB Practice Behavioural Case Study Questions Exam

By admin on June 28, 2016 in Interactive CSCS Mock Tests

The behavioural case study questions are designed to test how you respond to health and safety situations on a construction site. They are based on the principles established in the industry’s film Setting out – what you should expect from a site and what they expect from you.

The behavioural case study questions that will be in the full test are not published which means that they are not available to revise from in the same way as you can for the knowledge questions. This is because they have been Included to measure your responses to a presented situation.

However to help you prepare for your test a sample case study has been written to help explain the way in which they work, and it has been included here for you to walk through. A further two sets of case study questions have been written specifically for the simulated tests to ensure that the test offered is as close to the real test as possible.

In your exam you will have to answer 12 behavioural case study questions. Each case study is a series of 4 linked multiple choice questions which follow a fictional character as he or she faces a series of decisions whilst working on a Site. Each question will ask you how the person in the case study should behave. We have created a set of of 3 case studies with 12 questions in total for you to answer. Once you have selected your answer and then the Next button, you will be presented with the next question. Be sure to read the questions carefully and review the answer you have selected before continuing. Once you select Next to move on you will not be able to return to the question. You will also have to select an answer to move on so that the case study can unfold.

You can try this case study as many times as you like. For other mock questions for the CSCS test please check out our other pages.

Case Study 1


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