Cause And Effect Essay Topic College

Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College

Cause-and-effect essays are often assigned in college as teachers want to test your ability to discover and explain logical relationships in the world around. For this reason, the choice of topic is mostly left to you. Below find the examples of not-so-common cause-and-effect topics which can win you a high grade:

  • Cheating at exams as a cause of unemployment in graduates. (Cheating leads to poor quality of knowledge, which results in unemployment.)
  • The No Child Left Behind program as a cause of diminished school performance. (The program implementation puts extra stress on teachers, which means more stress for students as well.)
  • Online piracy as a cause of growing book prices. (As more people prefer to download books for free rather than buy them, retailers have to raise prices in order to keep afloat.)
  • Media coverage of gun abuse as a cause of increasing crime rates. (Some kinds of people are more likely to commit crimes when they see it as a fast way to fame.)
  • Improved empathy and time management as the effects of living with a roommate.
  • Poor communication and lack of commitment as the effects of online dating.
  • The positive effects of social media on communication skills.
  • The positive effects of cell phones on family relationships.
  • The positive health effects of having a pet.
  • Lack of confidence and family problems as the causes of bullying in school.
  • Immaturity and poor communication as the causes of divorces.
  • Poor time management and low motivation as the causes of failed courses.
  • Causes and effects of international labor migration.
  • Causes and effects of the world’s overpopulation.
  • Causes and effects of earthquakes.
  • Causes for college students selecting Business (History, Literature, or any subject you are majoring in) as their major.
  • Causes for people to leave their job for another one.
  • Causes for people to migrate illegally to another country.
  • Causes and effects of labor force in many jobs being replaced by robots.
  • The effects of learning more than one language on the intellectual capacity.
  • The effects of hormonal processes on mood swings.
  • The effects of learning to write well on employment opportunities.
  • Causes and effects of the overwhelming popularity of Apple products.
  • Causes and effects of teenagers spending most of their time in social networks.
  • Causes and effects of the popularity of fast food restaurants among families with children.
  • Causes and effects of the recent changes to Medicare/Medicaid program.
  • Causes and effects of young adults participating in talent shows.
  • Lack of computer knowledge as a cause for identities being stolen on the web.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essays are essays where the writer is to do a lot of analysis. In most of the cases a professor will give student a situation and ask him to analyze it and provide causes and effects of it. What is a cause? A cause is a reason or a root of the problem. Why did this situation occur? The student is to go through a lot of information to highlight the main arguments for his paper.

Another problem is an effect. In another words an effect is what happened in a result of this situation or what results did this situation bring? In this case the student has to study what were the consequences of the problem? They may be good; they may be bad or even fatal. Therefore, when writing about effects, the student is to do a lot of analysis as well. Feel free to generate cause and effect research paper topics as well. Most college and university schools use out free tool to create great topics for research papers.

It is worth mentioning that in most of the cases the student is to write either about the cause or about the effect. Not both. The student is to focus on one part of the problem – either talking about the reasons or the consequences. It is important to remember this if you have a desire to get maximum points out of your essay.

Good essay topics may be found online, but most of them are pretty old and not interesting. is a good website that can help you by generating good topics to work on. You just need to put the keywords if there is any specific topic you are interested in and choose cause and effect essay for the type of essay. That’s it. In a second you will receive twenty five or more topics to choose from. Below are just several examples on the topic keyword depression:

  1. Causes and effects of the Great Depression
  2. Causes and effects of teenage depression
  3. Alcohol abuse. Is the depression a cause or an effect?

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