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Whether you’re a CAD/CNC hobbyist or a professional, you’ll have undoubtedly worked with the DXF format at some point or another. It’s the gold-standard format of the CAD industry—it’s easy to share and it’s supported by practically every CAD program on the market. Due to the popularity and accessibility of the DXF format, many websites and companies have made it a priority to sell DXF designs to CAD enthusiasts and professionals. These designs can then be used for further work in CAD software, or for CNC cutting. But what if you don’t want to fork out money for DXF designs?

Have no fear! Scan2CAD has put together a handy list of 13 websites that offer a variety of free DXF designs—so you don’t have to pay a single penny! If you love freebies and CAD, you might want to also check out Scan2CAD’s other list of top CAD freeware. Enjoy…

1. Vector Ink

We’ll start the list off with the handy Vector Ink! This site has hundreds of free DXF designs available—just waiting to be downloaded. The designs are all grouped into broad categories, e.g. ‘Animal’, ‘Pattern’ and ‘Symbol’. This categorization makes it pretty easy to find what you’re looking for. Plus, you can subscribe to the site to be sent emails when any new DXF designs are uploaded. When you download a design, you’re given a zip folder with a PNG, SVG and DXF version of the design. 

2. Free DXF Designs – From Scan2CAD

At Scan2CAD we offer our very own free DXF designs. We release a pack of royalty-free dxf downloads every week. Each pack focusses on a theme. Past popular themes include Medieval Shields, Vintage Frames and Birds. Scan2CAD commissions a professional designer to create every pack so you will be sure to discover fantastic designs every week.  Importantly, each design is also 100% cut-ready for CNC purposes.  

3. My DXF

My DXF has a decent selection of free DXF designs available. The DXF ‘projects’ aren’t categorized the same way as the above sites—they’re grouped by specific keywords like ‘cowboy’ or ‘dolphin’. So you can either look through the entire list of keywords, or you can manually search through the entire selection. There’s around 600 DXF designs on offer, so there’s more than enough to take advantage of. When you download a design, you’re given a zip folder containing the DXF file. 

4. Love SVG

Love SVG offers both SVG and DXF designs, absolutely free. The designs consist of personal quotes with custom designs, which are frequently updated on a daily basis. These quotes are perfect for people who enjoy DIY projects and so forth. There’s over 600 designs to choose from, however there’s no categorization feature so you would have to look through the selection manually. When you download a design, you get a zip folder containing a PNG, SVG, DXF and EPS version of the design. 

5. CNC DXF Files

Jason Henry at CNC DXFFiles offers a range of free DXF designs, and also sells DXF bundles. Jason has been kind enough to offer Scan2CAD readers a growing unique selection of free DXF files. The website offers bundles of DXF designs for a price, e.g. Nature Scenes (16 designs) for $35.00. Now, the site doesn’t have a categorization feature so you’ll have to browse through all designs to find any you might be interested in. You have to create an account to download any designs—and once you’ve found a design, you have to ‘add to cart’ to proceed. 

6. Vision Engravers

Vision Engravers has just under 100 free DXF clipart designs on offer. These designs are grouped by theme, e.g. ‘Christmas‘ or ‘Easter’. The site is updated regularly, so you’ll find the selection expanding with time. The site doesn’t have a categorization feature, so you will have to scroll through the clipart selection to look for anything that might interest you. The site’s true value comes with its variety of file types however. When you download a design, you’re given a zip folder containing an AI, CDL, EPS, JPG, PDF, PLT and DXF of the design. Needless to say, they give you plenty of options!

7. Sign Torch

Sign Torch only has a small selection of around 35 free DXF designs available. While this might not seem like much, you might find the odd gem or two if you look hard enough. The site also offers cheap DXF design collections that won’t set you back too much—buying in bulk saves you money, and they run frequent discounts. The site doesn’t have a categorization feature, but with it being such a small selection, it won’t take you long to look through. When you download, you’re given the option of a CMX, DXF, EPS, SVG and AI.  

8. CNC G-code

CNC G-code has a small selection of free DXF designs available for CNC cutting. While it might not have that much to offer, you might find one or two interesting designs. It does have a small group of categories available, like ‘Numbers’ and ‘Sea Creatures’ which could make browsing a little easier. When you download a design, you’re given a zip folder containing a PNG, DXF and NC

9. Free DXF

Despite its name, Free DXF only has a limited selection of free DXF designs on offer. Currently, there are 10 free DXF designs that are ready to download. While this is slightly disappointing, bear in mind that the site will add or change designs every month or so. The site also offers DXF design collections—it can be cost-effective to buy in bulk sometimes. Despite the small variety, you might find something worth your time. To download, you have to create an account and then you will be given the DXF file. 

10. DXF for CNC

Like Free DXF, DXF for CNC only has a limited selection of free DXF designs available. There are currently 10 designs on offer, but as with the site above, this selection may be prone to changes with time. In addition, designs like ‘custom names’ are very versatile and useful, so the small variety isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The site also has a variety of ‘cheap’ DXF designs on offer—they throw plenty of sales, so you might find a bargain or two. To download designs, you have to create an account. 

11. Plasma Spider

Plasma Spider is a forum for CNC plasma cutting. They have an entire board dedicated to sharing DXF clipart files—you can upload and download as many DXF files as you want (after registering to the site). Arguably, this is more useful than any of the sites listed above—here the selection of DXF designs will always change and update. Not only can you download designs or request designs, you can also share your own DXF designs. 

12. Ready to Cut

Like Plasma Spider, Ready to Cut is a forum also dedicated to CNC art file sharing. While it isn’t as extensive as the above forum, it’s still a very useful resource to have. It has a large selection of free DXF designs available, all of which are categorized into sections like ‘Symbols’ and ‘Scenery’. As with Plasma Spider, you will have to create an account before you can download any files—but it will be useful in the long run. Forums are a great resource for learning and sharing.

13. DXF 1

DXF 1 also has a variety of free DXF designs available—all of which are CNC ready. These designs are all categorized into sections and subsections, e.g. ‘Animals’ and ‘Objects’. These categories are rather broad, so it might take a bit of browsing through them all manually to find anything you’re interested in. Some sections have more files than others, like ‘Icons’, but there’s still quite a range of designs to take advantage of. When you download a design you’re given a single DXF file. 

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget Pinterest

Pinterest is less of a site that offers free DXF designs, and more of a resource to help you find free DXF designs. You can use it to look through the variety of DXF designs available, all created by fellow hobbyists. You just need to type in your keywords like ‘free DXF‘ and off you go! Obviously, some of the designs will actually cost you—it’s a matter of refining your search. You might even find a hobbyist or site that offers cheap DXF designs that you’d be willing to pay for. It’s also a great platform for sharing your own designs or creations. 

For more DXF-related information and tips, check out our blog! Each week we look at different topics in the CAD industry and its related fields. We have guides like The DXF File Specification and Converting from TIFF to DXF and even CNC Project Ideas. 


Christmas files -  A range of 2D design files collected from posts on JambleD&T Facebook group.
Projects for home - A range of 2D design files for projects produced at home as gifts.
3D printing and 3D Printers are becoming more and more common in schools as companies look to produce more affordable options in order to promote this process as a more common practise in the school curriculum. Here are some links to tried and tested 3D printers, files and projects and an INSET PowerPoint to get started... 

3D Printing files:

3D Printing: A selection of files to download and try, all found and tested by John Bagshaw, Head of D&T at The Grammar School, Leeds.

3D Printing projects:

Jamble Miniature Village - The aim of this project is to teach pupils about CAD/CAM and presentation. Pupils can be trained through CAD in any 3D design program to design and model a house within a given plot of land. Using 2D Design V2, pupils can design a floor plan, export as a .dxf and import into a 3D design program to extrude. Pupils can also be taught how to apply material renders to their property and export various views of the property for their brochure. 3D designs can be exported as a .stl file ready for 3D printing. An area of the house can be designed using research on fixtures and fittings from the internet or magazines as a mini interior design project.

Useful websites:

2D files:

All of the .dtd files below have been produced using 2D Design V2, these are available to download for laser and vinyl cutting. If you would like to produce your own files to be vinyl cut, try the 'vectorising' download, this has by far been the most useful tool I have used on the program!

3D Printing:

File Size: 2576 kb
File Type: pptx
Download File

This affordable 3D Printer for schools from MegaUk: At Mega we have been aware that our customers would be interested in the exciting new technology of 3D printing. We have been searching for a machine with high build quality, that is truly plug-n-play, offers a useful big size capacity, is safe to use and is affordable. When we were offered the da Vinci 1.0A from XYZ Printing to resell we immediately saw the machine 'ticked all the boxes' so we began a thorough testing program. The machine continues to impress and at just £395* we felt this was an ideal opportunity to offer it to our customers
Beeverycreative: We want to imprint change through 3D printing. We believe that 3D printing will change the paradigm of mass-production, bringing it closer to the individual consumer, in such a way as to take us into a more leisure-oriented society. We consider personal creative expression to be a way to the future, unlike any economic theory that, during the last few years, has left us with no space for breathing creativity and inspiring innovation in other types and forms.
More downloadable files to be uploaded soon! While you wait, I recommend you check out the amazing work being done at 3dfilemarket by Philip Cotton, winner of 3dprintshow 2013 + 14!

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