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English continues in the world as the major language in communicating your thoughts and ideas on a global scale. Aside from being a popular language, English continues to rule in business world. Why am I saying these things? It’s because we want you to be ready for this global competition.  As means of helping our dear Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School Students to face these challenges, we are happy to bring you the 2015 ENGLISH FESTIVAL with the theme “Embracing post-modern literature vis-à-vis effective communication skills in the 21st century”! In behalf of our English Teachers, administrators and PTA officers, we would like to give you the A-B-C rationale of the Festival.

A – Aiming for quality English education – The English festival promotes quality English skills such as speaking, reading, writing and listening. Indeed the enrichment activities through the English Festival will develop your speech through many competitions providing opportunities for you to improve their way of articulation, pronunciation, intonation that strengthens your oral skills.

B- Better understanding of the people from our nation and our culture by way of effective communication and collaboration with Theatre arts and music. We will present to you the 2-day theatre play titled,” Family and Society: Reminiscing the Masterpieces of the Philippine Drama to reinforce appreciation of our own culture.

C- Connecting you to the post modern literary arts by reading books as a way of appreciation in using the second language. English festival communicates to you the value of literature for enrichment of your lives. You will appreciate your favorite characters from your favorite novels such as Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, Hobbit and much more, as these characters  will come to life on the Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon.

So, what are we waiting for! Let’s help one another and be motivated to join us to our annual English Festival 2015. Let’s A- aim for quality English Education, B- Better understanding of our own Filipino culture and C- Connecting to the Post Modern Literary Arts in order for us to be globally competitive and be ready for all the challenges ahead.

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It’s a real blast in its utmost manner. A month-long celebration of the English Festival was conducted at Madana Mohana Academy for the month of January 2016 with the theme: “Shaping Better 21st Century Learners with English.”
Series of activities were held which evolved from the objectives of the program such as to provide opportunities for students to showcase their God’s endowed talents and skills in communicating in the English language, which can also be used not only for economic development but also for realizing spiritual goals in life.

Before its culmination day, students were engaged in different contests such as spelling bee, tongue twister, drop box and essay writing. During the culmination day, a plethora of presentations filled everyone’s cup of learning. For the Kindergarten pupils’ participation, they rendered fables and presented nursery rhymes with colorful creativity done props while having their small sweet voices. Meanwhile, the Elementary pupils presented their nursery rhymes, verse choir, declamation, news casting, story telling and characterization.

On the other hand, the High School students rendered infomercial, interviewing, debate, research paper presentation, and musical play on the last part of the program that kept everyone stay until its end.
The highlight of the program that is noteworthy to remember were the speeches given by our School President, Sir Bhagavan das Bristol, and our guest speaker from Australia, Mme. Marie Coppolaro who gave emphasis on the significance of English in our life. From their speeches we learn that English language was used by the spiritual master of our spiritual master to translate Bhagavad-Gita which was written in Hindi. This means that English plays an important role in our understanding about the message of Sri Krishna via scripture. We, also learn that there are many strategies to use to effectively acquire the skills in English, such as summarizing a reading material.

Though English Month is over but our journey in learning English still continues. According to Pelé, “Everything is practiced.” Practicing how to speak in English will improve our communication skills and we will get a lot of benefits. Learning in English is fun and easy to practice and learn.

By: Lj Quisha Valerie Caga-anan, Grade 7 – Mathura

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