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Re: GAMSAT Essay Writing – The Art of Persuasion

Can you effectively sell ice to Eskimos? Religion to an atheist? The concept of climate change to Donald Trump? If not, this is a skill you had better start honing because Section II of the GAMSAT, Task A in particular, calls upon the skill of persuasion in your essay writing. 

Effective persuasive essays use logic, reason and emotion to convince the reader to join you in your particular point of view. Each element of the essay plays a part in persuading your reader to ultimately agree with your point of view.

  • The hook captures the reader’s attention and instantly draws them into your essay.
  • The thesis states your assertion about the theme/quote, further peaking the interest of the reader (provide a concise preview only here – the complete argument and supporting details are revealed in the body of the essay, not in the introduction).
  • The supporting arguments convince the reader that your thesis is correct. To do this, use logos – appeal to logic; ethos – appeal to ethics; and pathos – appeal to emotions (note: not all emotional appeals are sad).
  • The conclusion persuasively reaffirms your thesis.

If writing persuasively doesn’t come naturally to you, dig into the toolbox of persuasive writing techniques below to enhance your success at swaying the viewpoint of the person marking your GAMSAT essay.

9 Tips for effective persuasive gamsat essay writing

#1 Take a clear stance on the issue – there’s nothing less convincing than a fence-sitter or someone whose opinion changes with the wind.

#2 Write with passion – use powerful wording, strong assertions and demonstrate that you believe strongly in what you are writing… why should the marker share your point of view if it sounds like you barely believe it yourself?

#3 Don’t overtly tell the reader what to think – be subtle in “leading” the reader to share your conclusion rather than forcing it upon them. For example, don’t write: “Therefore, you have to agree that…” Instead write something like: “Faced with such compelling evidence it is undeniably clear that…”

#4 Use metaphors, similes and analogies to demonstrate and emphasise your point. Relating your scenario to something that the reader already accepts as being true is a powerful way to convince them to see things your way.

#5 Use real life stories as evidence – real life stories have a much more powerful persuasive punch than hypothetical examples or theoretical discussion as they tend to be more relatable and appeal more to the emotions of the reader, which is essential in persuading them.

#6 Consider the other points of view and come up with a rebuttal – the last thing you want is your reader reaching the end of your essay and still thinking “Yeah, but…” To fully persuade the reader you must convincingly rebuff their major objections.

#7 Include effective repetition – Steer clear of boring, redundant repetition, but be sure to include effective repetition that serves to emphasise your point. This means making your point in several different ways: directly, in a story, within an example, using a simile or metaphor, via a quote, etc.

#8 Provide reasons why – The reader is more likely to be convinced that your thesis is true if you give them solid reasons as to why they should agree with you, so harness the power of the word “because”.

#9 Employ storytelling – storytelling allows for the reader to naturally persuade themselves without you having to do any hard work to convince them. A powerful story will help the reader independently decide that you are right!

When writing persuasive GAMSAT essays, always maintain an awareness of the crucial interaction between yourself and the reader. Your job is to use whatever techniques necessary to successfully persuade the reader.

Good luck!

GAMSAT Essay Masters: 90 GAMSAT Essay Examples written by GAMSAT experts

Aims of the Course

Students who complete the course should:

  • Be able to deliver a sophisticated response to virtually any essay topic imaginable by ACER
  • Recall and apply a detailed essay template for both Task A and Task B. This consequently promotes maximisation of time in the exam
  • Finally, build a robust mental database of essay positions, arguments, and evidence bases for all possible essay stimuli

Course Structure

The course includes:

  • GAMSAT Essay Masters Theory Module (CR107-01): Firstly, this online learning module helps students to understand and build a detailed essay structure template. The module defines the role and structure of each paragraph of the essay down to the sentence, leaving students with little doubt as to how to form their essay. The student is then able to use the template for every essay they complete. This allows students to prepare their response for Section II of GAMSAT before they set foot in the testing centre.
  • Essay Masters Collection (CR107-02 – CR107-07): After completion of their structure template, students review 90 different GAMSAT sample essays via the 9 modules comprising the Essay Masters Collection. These GAMSAT sample essays help to inform the future works of students, and demonstrate how high-quality essays can be produced in a very short amount of time via use of a perfected essay template structure. These modules also include regular tasks for students to complete in order to master the art of GAMSAT essay writing.
The GAMSAT Essay Masters Course (CR107) is the premier course for demonstrating how to write the ultimate GAMSAT essay. This objective is achieved through the detailed explanation of essay writing structure. Students are provided with a sentence-by-sentence walk-through of how to write the ultimate GAMSAT essay. Additionally, students receive access to a library of GAMSAT essays written by students who have achieved 80+ in the exam. Through the GAMSAT essay examples Masters Collection (GAMSAT sample essays), students gain deeper knowledge of the essay topics, and also excellent insights into application of the essay structure.

Overall, the GAMSAT Essay Masters course is suitable for students wishing to build greater knowledge of both essay content and structure.

Course Content & GAMSAT Essay Examples

Before working through the GAMSAT essay examples, course participants must complete an orientation module (CR107-01) which includes essay writing theory, detailed notes on structure, and activities for students to complete including completion of their own custom essay template.

After completion of the first modules, students move through the Essay Masters library via the following modules:

  • CR107-02: Task A Topics 1
  • CR107-03: Task A Topics 2
  • CR107-04: Task A Topics 3
  • CR107-05: Task B Topics 1
  • CR107-06: Task B Topics 2
  • CR107-07: Task B Topics 3

Through completion of these modules, students will become experts in the following GAMSAT essay topics:



Asylum seekers




















Foreign aid




Global warming






Human rights











Medicine & Disease



Nuclear weapons











Sexual Equality











After completing a detailed reading of each essay, students are required to complete tasks including:

  • Additional readings from recommended texts and newspapers
  • Specific essay exam exercises for each of the above essay topics
  • Further biographical research into authors of quotes and quote ideas

Course Locations and Dates

This course is delivered online, and is available for enrolment year-round. Note that this course will become available in late January 2017.


For registration and payment, click ‰Add to Cart‰ at the top of the page.

Course fees include access to the online modules for 365 days.

Further fees apply for extensions and may only be granted on application.

Please refer to our published refunds policy as a condition of enrolment.

Entry Requirements

The GAMSAT Essay Masters Course (CR107) is a pre-medical subject designed for students who wish to pursue a future career in medicine. All students should consult the ACER Information Booklet and the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Guide for specific information regarding eligibility requirements to specific University Medical Schools.

Academic Faculty

The GAMSAT Essay Masters Course (CR107) is designed and supervised by essay tutors accredited by senior medical supervisors. Essay tutors have higher degrees in humanities or law, at a minimum Masters or Doctorate Level (AQF Level 9 or 10).

The essays that form a component of this course were written by students who achieved 80 in Section II of GAMSAT (corresponding to the 100th percentile). Each essay was then reviewed by METC Institute expert essay markers before being considered for inclusion in this course.

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