Corrie Character Profile Tomorrow When The War Began Essay

Kevin Holmes is the oldest of the teens in the Tomorrow series, and was reluctant to miss the annual Wirrawee show the weekend the others wanted to go camping. However, he participated because his girlfriend, Corrie, wanted to.

Kevin Holmes





Relationship Status:

Dating Corrie Mackenzie (first novel)

Single (after Corrie's death)



Kevin was always ambivalent as to whether he was or wasn't willing to fight in the war, never really feeling quite strong or brave enough. This is especially showcased in 'Burning For Revenge' (book five). The remaining five are stable in Hell, their sanctuary. One suggests going into town to fight and Kevin refuses. Ellie makes a comment similar to, "I know we're all scared, Kevin", and Kevin is so angry that he stays immobile and weak for a while. When the five of them do return to town and attempt to raid the airfield, it takes weeks `for Kevin to come around and fight with them. He refuses to eat or speak, and generally stays curled up in a ball.

Kevin had the most insight of all the protagonists, as when Corrie was shot in book one, he sacrificed himself to take her to the hospital. When he arrived, the enemy army beat him and put him in the showground with the rest of the population of Wirrawee. In The Third Day, The Frost(?), Kevin is working with a party sent to labour at a farm. The others find him and rescue him, and he continues to fight with them.

Kevin cared for Corrie deeply, and was devastated by her death. He selflessly handed himself in to the invaders in order to ensure Corrie's chance of recovery.

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Ellie and Corrie are best friends in their final year of school when they decide to skip Commemoration Day activities in favor of a camping trip. They issue invitations to a group of friends and make their plans. Among those who are going along are Ellie's neighbor and childhood friend Homer, a classmate Fiona, Corrie's boyfriend Kevin, a friend Robyn, and a classmate Lee. Ellie says that she finds Lee interesting though he isn't an intimate part of their group prior to the trip. They head to an area known as Taylor's Stitch and prepare to drop down into a rocky valley known as Hell. There's a rumor that a hermit lived there for many years after killing his wife and infant son. Ellie says that if he could get down into Hell, they can surely find a way. They do discover a way down and once there, find that there's a trail that makes the trek much easier though it is completely concealed from the road. For several days, the group takes it easy. They have water and have packed in plenty of food, so they simply enjoy their time.

One night planes fly over and the next day they head back. At Ellie's house - the first they encounter - there's no one at home and several of the dogs that are tied up outside are dead. They find similar scenes at other houses along the way and eventually realize that something horrible has happened. That makes them more cautious and they soon realize that soldiers have invaded, taking everyone who was attending Commemoration Day events prisoner. There has been some killing and the various members of the group find themselves in dangerous situations as they try to assess the situation and figure out their next move. They rule out a rescue of their families as too risky and gather up everything they can to help wait out the time until help arrives. They then return to "Hell," knowing that if they disguise their approach up Tailor's Stitch they can likely avoid detection by the military.

Over the coming days, they secretly take more supplies into their camp site. They hide supplies in various places around the mountain in case they get cut off. In a daring ploy, Lee, Homer, Ellie and Fiona blow up a bridge - an act they believe will seriously hamper the invaders' supply lines. When Corrie is shot in the back, Kevin takes her to the hospital, hoping that the enemy will take her in and save her life as the remainder of the group settles in, plants vegetables and does whatever they can to hamper the progress of their enemy. Meanwhile, several of the young people of the group pair off - Fiona with Homer and Ellie with Lee. As they look for ways to survive, they deal with the emotional upheaval, each trying to make sense of the situation and their roles in it.

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