Gerful Blooms Taxonomy Critical Thinking Questions

·       Analyse

·       Distinguish

·       Examine

·       Compare

·       Contrast

·       Investigate

·       Categorise

·       Identify

·       Explain

·       Separate

·       Advertise

·       Which events could have happened...?

·       I ... happened, what might the ending have been?

·       How was this similar to...?

·       What was the underlying theme of...?

·       What do you see as other possible outcomes?

·       Why did ... changes occur?

·       Can you compare your ... with that presented in...?

·       Can you explain what must have happened when...?

·       How is ... similar to ...?

·       What are some of the problems of...?

·       Can you distinguish between...?

·       What were some of the motives behind...?

·       What was the turning point in the game?

·       What was the problem with...?

·       Design a questionnaire to gather information.

·       Write a commercial to sell a new product.

·       Conduct an investigation to produce information to support a view.

·       Make a flow chart to show the critical stages.

·       Construct a graph to illustrate selected information.

·       Make a family tree showing relationships.

·       Put on a play about the study area.

·       Write a biography of the study person.

·       Prepare a report about the area of study.

·       Arrange a party. Make all the arrangements and record the steps needed.

·       Review a work of art in terms of form, colour and texture.

·       Review a film

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