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Intercultural Miscommunication Essay

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The frequent situations of misunderstandings in intercultural communication may be more common then one may believe. The potential for misunderstandings between two different cultures communicating is very high. Through such things as idioms, translation errors, and wrong body language communicative skills can be incorrect. When these intercultural mistakes occur between the people speaking or moving it may be perceived by the opposite culture as funny, rude or confusing. With these considerations in mind, the combination of possibilities for misinterpretations is increasingly elevated.
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Colloquial language is another part of communication that may confuse people who speak the languages when they hear it. It is again informal and not taught to people who have just learned the language. Even within the same language there is room for miscommunication. In English, there are many different versions and accents to consider in places all around the world. For example, accents sometimes change an English word completely. For example, Canadians say “hockey” and Americans pronounce it “hackey”. Two people, who know the same language may have a problem comprehending each other when accents are used and emphasis is places differently on words and sentences. The Canadian versus American accent is the closest conflicting one to us. The American’s put a different long or short sound on some vowels and say different common idiomatic phrases then we do. The American’s, for example tell Canadians, that we say the word “eh” quite a lot, or the phrase “out and about”. Canadians tell Americans that they say “huh” a lot. Even within one country there is a difference in the sound of language. For instance, Canada’s east coast population has a very different distinct sound to it then the west coast, and vice versa. Idioms are one way that the potential for misunderstanding is increased, when different cultures interact and communicate.

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When people from different cultures communicate, misunderstandings can happen. What are the possible reasons for those misunderstandings and what should people do in order to avoid them and prevent them from turning into cultural conflicts?
Please limit your answer to no more than 1200 words.

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Therefore, they believe that “How do you do” is a naughty sentence. A clear solution to the reason is we have to learn foreign languages such as English, which a global language. Furthermore, if the speaker do not understand listener’s language, he needs to have a translator so as not to limit misunderstanding between two parties. The second is different verbal communication styles. Vocabulary, syntax, idioms, slang, and dialects can all cause difficulty in understanding. Because the same words present different things to people from different cultures. Even simple words like “yes” and “no” can cause misunderstandings. For example, ‘yes’ can vary from ‘maybe I’ll consider it’ to ’definitely yes’. This can affect a worker’s perception of the client’s consent to a course of action. When they say ‘yes’ or tacitly agree to a worker’s suggestion, it may not really mean that they do agree with the worker but rather that they do not want to offend the worker by disagreeing with them1. Another example, after the end of the holiday abroad, daughter came back home, her mother opened the door and said "home sweet home" cheerfully. Daughter surprised asked her "are there much candies in our home, mom?". As you see, even if conversational partners speak the same language fluently, they can also encounter communication obstacles. First way to deal this problem is you need to interpret accurately, clearly and slowly for listeners. Besides, discussing the differences in

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