Essay Co-Education Advantages

Mixed Schools versus Separate Schools


Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Certain group of society feels that it is beneficial for boys and girls to be educated in separate institutions, whereas it has an opponent view who trust and support both the sex studying under one roof. This is also called Co education. I think going to a mixed education school has a lots of benefit such as gaining confidence and not being shy, cost effectiveness, respect for women as well as being more responsible citizen.

It has been observed that children who study at mixed gender school are more open and gains confidence as a natural phenomenon of being appreciated by opposite sex. Boys as being close to girls and vice versa gives a good opportunity to understand each other. This later on turns into respecting each other rather than being bias. Being attracted to opposite gender helps them to take ownership and eventually are being a bonhomie and responsible person. Single roof education reduces the cost of education as two different infrastructure is not required. My cousin is one of the best example. He was very shy when he was in boys school, however, after being admitted to a coeducational he in the virtue of showing himself special, he improved dramatically and today he is a confident and bonhomie person.

Having said that, people will advocate in support of separate schools for genders for risk of being engaged and committing unfair activities. There has been several instances where boys or girls getting attracted to each other and impacted there studies. Others went into illegal relationship at very early age. This is true do we have any assurance that such acts will not happen if they study at separate school. The answer is no.

In conclusion, despite of some drawbacks and risk what a coeducation may have, can not defeat several advantages. Therefore in my opinion, I agree to the thought that coeducation is more beneficial for boys and girls.


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Co-education means the gaining of knowledge of both boys and girls in same school under the same roof. It means imparting the same education to both the boys as well as girls without any distinction. The system of co-education,  the boys and girls studies together.

The boys and girls were given both academic and the physical education together. They studied and played together. They were both compete with each other in any field both in education and sports. In modern times, co-educational system is still present in Europe and USA. In Pakistan also nowadays more and more educational schools are being established.

There are so many advantages of co-educational system. The first advantage is that if boys and girls are study together, there will not be any need for opening separate school for girls. Pakistan is a poor country and it can not afford to open separate schools, colleges and universities for the boys and girls. Co-education is an economical system, because both boys and girls are study in same school and college with same teachers.

Secondly, boys and girls have to live together in the society in there later life and if they are studied together from the very beginning, then they can understand each other. Co-education create a sense of healthy competition among them. In this manner they will work and pay a serious attention to their studies. A feeling of computation will be developed between the boys and the girls.

The boys will not indulge in different extra activities and the girls will not be afraid for the boys. They will have a balanced development of their personality. It is also a, experience that the boys behave decently in the company of girls. They do not use rough and abuse language in the girls. They are also dressed properly and talk with manners. Similarly, the girls will also use decant behavior of the boys and talk with manners.

Thus if co-  education is introduced, there will be no problem of discipline among the students. In the western countries, there is no separation between boys and girls in the school. The girls study with the boys in the same school and letter on work with them in the same offices and factories. Some conservative peoples criticize the system of co-  education.

According to them this system is against our traditions. They think that in this system both boys and girls will be spoil. But the arguments are not based on truth. The world is changing fast today and women are being given an equal status with men in the society. Therefore it is accept that changing order and open more and more co-educational institutions in the future. It is not only good for our next generation but also good for the economy of the country.

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