Essay On Network

Essay on Network

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“It is certainly safe to say that computers have become as integral to modern life as fast food, cell phones, and sport utility vehicles”. (Joe, 2004) We are living in the information-exchanged age. It has been dramatically changed since last decades. How could this happen? The answer will be network. A network can be anything from a simple collection of computers at one location which have been tied together using a particular connectivity medium (such as network cabling) to a giant global network, e.g. internet, which uses several different connectivity media, including microwave and satellite technology. Once, the network is going to falling apart which will be disaster for us. Thus, we should know what will cause of…show more content…

Sometimes, a disconnected cable or unplugged hub will be causing the problem on the LAN. For example: network cables have experience disconnection, breaks, shorts and other problems. So, Joe Habraken (2004) pointed out “physical cabling is always suspected when you are connectivity problems”. Diagnosing these types of problems is done using various tools which is named as “digital voltmeter”. “A voltmeter is an instrument used for measuring the electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit”. (Wikipedia, 2011) A digital voltmeter is a device to test the cable for a break or a short by connecting to a cable. It can tell whether the cable is bad or not and whether a short or break. If the cable has a break, the cable should be traced to find where the break has occurred. If there is a short which just replace it.
II. Software
Software can be one of reason which can cause the disconnection in the network. Robert Hudyma and Deborach I. Fels (Unknown) pointed out: “Network software failures can be caused by faulty device drivers, subtle differences in protocols implementation and handling and operating system faults and anomalies”. There is some much different software which can cause the disconnection. However, it is an example will be given. It happens frequently, two computers inadvertently configured with the same IP address will knock each other off the network. It can be

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Social Networking

With the advancement in technology, communication has grown. It is now easier and cheap to communicate and connect with people across the world. The issue of distance is no longer an excuse for lack of communication. Communication systems have grown from wired devices to wireless devices. The internet has also brought adverse changes in the forms of communications that are available and currently being used. It has led the rise of social networks. Here you can communicate and share your thoughts with many people at the same time. It is easy to share information like pictures, advertisements, videos and text messages. To many people, it is perceived as a form of entertainment. However, being in social sites enhances communication. There are many types of social sites and it is on oneself to choose the one that they are comfortable with.

Social Networking and Keeping in Touch

Social networks allow people to keep and manage accounts. This is an identity and you can custom it depending on how your target group knows you. This makes it easy for individuals to search for you and get you. You also have a choice to invite people to your account. This makes it easy to link with family members, friends, classmates and colleagues. Social sites allow for the creation of groups. This is based on the likeness of ideas and goals. This makes it easy to communicate with people you have a common goal. You can post important messages in the groups and every member can contribute their thoughts. Social media can be seen as a perfect replacement to conferencing. It is cheaper and though it may not allow for video calls, it gives a platform to post clips and photos.

Social Share and Care in Social Networking

Social Networking makes it possible to reach many people in a very short time. This has led to the creation of a site that is involved in helping the community. Sites like Linked are dedicated to helping those people who are hunting for jobs. Candidates create their resume and CVs and upload them to these sites. Employers just need to make a search of the qualifications that they are interested in. They can also advertise for jobs on these sites and be sure of getting highly qualified persons. Social sites have also been involved in social care by spreading the news in cases of danger. Messages on these sites get to many people in a very short time and this greatly helps in saving many people from potential danger.

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