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Use of Downloaded Files

EndNote output styles are provided solely for use by licensed owners of EndNote and with the EndNote product. By downloading EndNote Styles, Filters, Connections, Templates and Updates you automatically agree to the terms of use.

Installing Individual Styles

  1. Download the style you want to install.
  2. Double-click the style file.  It should open in EndNote.
  3. In EndNote, go to “File Menu” and choose “Save As”.  Replace the word “copy” with your style’s name and click “Save”.
  4. Click on “File Menu” and choose “Close Style”.

Have version X1 or prior?  Click here for instructions.

Installing All Styles or Styles by Category

Mac OS:

  1. In EndNote, go to “Menu” and choose “Customizer”.
  2. Place a check next to all of the “Output Styles” you’d like.
  3. Click “Next” twice and “Done” to close the window.


  1. Go to “Control Panel” and choose “Add or Remove Programs” in Windows XP or “Programs and Features” in Windows Vista/7.  Select EndNote and choose “Change”.  Select the “Modify Option” and choose “Next”.
  2. Place a check next to “Additional Styles” and choose “Will be installed on local hard drive.”  Click the plus sign to select only specific styles.  Click “Next”.

premixed wrote:

...I have to use the Fuel.ens style ...But I could not managed to do it..

What do you mean you couldn't manage to "do it" - did you have problems downloading and installing the output style?


Using EndNote Web may be an alternative option, however, a review of the available output styles did not include "Fuel" - however you might review the list yourself to confirm this. If the style isn't offered contact  EndNote per the info below:


Endnote Web: Creating new output styles or modifying existing styles


If an Output Style is missing or needs updating to match the publisher requirements, you can submit a request using this online form:


Use this form to submit your request for the creation of a new output style (or the modification of an existing one). When you submit this form, your request is logged in our request database. Once the style is created or updated, it will be submitted for inclusion into EndNote Web.

The local EndNote Web Administrators also have the ability to update Styles for their site. If you have EndNote Web access through your institution, you can contact your local Administrator to update existing Styles or upload new Styles.

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