F292 Case Study Analysis 2013 Calendar


Prior to using Localist, the University's events didn't show up in Google's search results. Now, they appear at the top - even if users don't enter keywords like "Louisville" or "events."

Their old event calendar received about 25,000 views per year from the University's homepage. Now, it gets that many views during its Welcome Week. Outside of this event series, the calendar averages 13,000-14,000 views during a typical month.


The University used to upload about 1,000 events per year to the old calendar. Now, they post 2,600 unique events per year.

While the number of shared events is dramatically increasing, Brandy's workload isn't. She spends 30 minutes a day approving and copy editing events, as well as showcasing feature events.

Plus, Localist streamlined the University's event posting process - taking it from six steps to one.

"When you're at a university with daily events, you can't afford to spend 15-20 minutes putting each event in different calendars. Now, we just do it once."


Event attendance has increased since the University started using Localist. For example, their Summer Movie Series used to attract about 300 attendees. Now, it attracts about 1,000 attendees.


Using Localist's new Metrics features, the Louisville team can see how many times an event page was viewed, where their traffic comes from, and how many people RSVPed to an event.


When visitors look at the new events calendar, they see that the University is a vibrant center of activity for the entire community.

The calendar also helps smaller departments promote their events - even if they don't have big teams, large budgets, or robust web pages. Localist gives them event landing pages that are more professional than what they could build on their own.

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