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Beowulf vs Grendel Essay

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The roles that Beowulf and Grendel played in the story were very easily

deciphered. Beowulf being pure good, and Grendel being pure evil. One of the reasons of

why the book “Beowulf” is so well known is because of the fact that it is one of the first

stories of good vs. evil, or light vs. dark. In modern good and evil stories, there are super

heroes with super powers. They use these powers for the good of the world and to help

innocent people. In most cases there is a villain that oppose these super hero’s. They

usually have powers as well but they use it for evil and wrongdoing. They usually face

off and most of the time, the super hero wins over the villain. But none of these stories

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He has been chosen to protect the world from evil. When this story was made,

the author intended for it to be clear that Beowulf is supposed to be the hero of the story.

     Grendel was the character that played the “villain” in the book. He killed innocent

people for only the reason of that they were having a good time, and he wasn’t. He is

pure evil and kills countless people for pretty much the fun of it. He was said to be able to

pick up thirty men at a time. So no normal human could match his strength. In the book

it’s very easy to understand that Grendel is pure evil. He is called “The Captain of evil”.

It doesn’t get anymore obvious then that. Grendel is shown as a monster that cannot be

stopped. He’s a powerful force that can run through anyone and everything. But not the

Super Hero. He could never match the power of pure good. So when Grendel fought

Beowulf, Beowulf tricked him in thinking he was asleep and as soon as Grendel got near

him, Beowulf grabbed him. Once Grendel was grabbed by Beowulf, he immediately

knew that he was up against a man like non other. He franticly tried to escape and run

away. But the power of the hero and the good that ran through his veins was able to rip

the arm from the evil beast. Then Grendel ran away and bled to death. It was made very

clearly that Grendel was supposed to be the evil

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