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Every student aims to succeed in their classes. That seems to be a universal feeling for university students. There seems to be common denominators in the success and good grades in any DVM course. While International development is a very intersectional field, there are commonalities in the ways that courses are taught. Here are the 5 ways in which UOttawa students can succeed in their DVM courses:

1. Find a friend

Make a new friend, or at least a study buddy. For one, if you ever miss a class or misunderstand a topic your buddy will help you like you will help them. The more you discuss a topic with other people the more likely you are able to see different perspectives or ideas that you might not have thought of. It’s also just good to have some support if you are struggling, and it also makes you feel better about yourself knowing that others might be in the same boat as you. Also making new friends will help you in group work. Honestly, DVM students are very nice to each other and it shouldn’t be hard to approach anyone.

2. Do the readings

The readings are given for a reason. If you do the readings on top of your class work, you might find information that will answer questions you had after a lecture. Many DVM subjects are very broad and the prof might miss some content in their short lectures. Readings are a source of support for the classes that you are having difficulty with. In assignments, inserting course readings are key in supporting ideas and proving to the professor that you are reading and understanding course material. It’s also good to do the readings because some professors won’t tell you if there will be exam questions about certain authors or topics, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. It really does bring UOttawa DVM profs absolute joy when you do the readings that they have picked for them.

3. Listen to whatever the professor says 

Every prof always has their own passion spot or topic. Over the years, you realize that you have to pay attention to what the prof says or emphasizes in class in order to know how the exam will be structured. Especially when it comes to broad courses like research methods or theories in DVM. If a prof spends a lot of time on a specific theory, they might have an important development question on that theory. It also gives you a good starting point for written assignments because professors tend to be nicer when you apply the stuff they emphasize in the classes (even when you should be challenging different views).

4. Attend class

As hard as that might be (especially if a class is unbearable and boring), you should always attend class. Why? Well, no matter how much a prof follows their slideshows and posts them on Brightspace, they sometimes will add very important information. Sometimes, you go to class and literally thank God that you didn’t skip because the teacher gave a side blurb of the exam only for students who were in class. Skipping class is a no-no for DVM courses because of the complexity of all of the class subjects. The prof can’t put everything on the slide shows and often good debates and discussions happen within the lectures. If your class takes attendance and participation points, that gives students even more so as an opportunity to succeed and gain a few extra percentages for literally sitting in class. Go to class, you never know what will happen.

5. Participate in extracurricular workshops and conferences

While you might think the learning happens in lectures, in DVM that is not the case. Lectures are just a framework for action. Most of the learning happens outside of class. The DSA (Development Student’s Association), offers a lot of panels, discussion groups, events, conferences, etc. that are eye-opening. These extracurricular events really teach you how to apply the theories you understood in class and allows you to practice your DVM way of thinking.

These ways seem very obvious, but DVM students might lose touch with these tips to succeeding in their classes. As years go by and you get closer to graduating, these ways need to be entrenched in order to get good grades. If you want to impress your professors and continue into grad school these tips might even get you to that extra mile.


I’m a 3rd-year International Development student at the University of Ottawa.

Remember Love American Style, that television sitcom from a few decades ago? The theme song was sung by The Cowsills. Well, fugetaboutit. This story is about love (or getting over it) Italian American style.

Last Saturday night I drove up to Bay Ridge, dropped my daughter and her friend off at Century 21 on 86th Street, and stopped by The Book Mark Shoppe to hear Rachel Russo read from her new book How to Get Over Your Ex: A Step by Step Guide to Mend a Broken Heart Italian American Style. 

Now, how could I resist such a title?

I walked to the back of the bookstore and found an attractive dark haired woman with extremely long legs and high stiletto heels sitting on a chair in the children's section surrounded by a huge crowd of friends, family, fans, and local media.

Rachel Russo is, to put it succinctly, a how-to rock star.

For starters, she's a dating, relationship and image expert with her own boutique coaching business. She's also a matchmaker with a master's degree in marriage and family therapy and a BA in psychology.  She's got the goods.

Indeed, Rachel is a strong, empathic, frank, and funny gal. In her talk, she mentioned that she'd had a very rough breakup and that's what motivated the writing of this book, which provides readers with a solid strategy for getting over your ex as efficiently and wholeheartedly as possible.

Badda Bing, Badda Boom.

Russo has a very direct, self-help approach but she also celebrates Italian-American culture and enjoys talking about her loving parents, Sunday night dinners at home in Bay Ridge, and being stubborn. She writes in the chapter titled: "Make a Case for Stubborness: Have a Head Like a Rock."

"If you didn't settle for any old job, you shouldn't settle for any old relationship. You should be way too proud to go back to your  ex. Ideally, you'd be just as proud as the Italian American bella who'd tell a stunad to "go eff himself" and believe it with every fiber of her being. I know your ex and the breakup may have messed with your self-esteem...and you may not be super-confident. Whatevs. You can "fake it 'til you make it".

In the book, Russo offers tips on being single and loving it, encountering your ex, action steps to take care of your body, mind and spirit, how to attract a better match, and what to do if a Mama's Boy crosses your path("your sex life may resemble that of a teenager").

As you can imagine the book is a fun read. But it's also practical and realistic. At the reading, Russo reminded everyone that getting over an ex takes time and a strong belief in the power of faith, family, food and fathers:

Father figures are an incredible source of wisdom. A father many not coddle you the way a mother would. He may not want to hear all of the details of the breakup but he can give you some unbiased advice. Since many men can be less emotional and more objective, they can really help you heal post breakup. You've already experienced enough emotion. If you want to see things from a more rational lens, go to your father. Chances are, he will tell it like its is.

In Russo's opinion, the biggest threat to your emotional availability is an attachment to your ex. That's why thinking you will never meet someone as special as your ex again is a no-no. "Sorry, your ex isn't that special," Russo writes.

I must say, I enjoyed Russo's no nonsence style and her frank, in-your-face way of expressing herself. She doesn't mince words in person or in the book. Here's from the first chapter:

"Full Disclosure: How to Get Over Your Ex, does not provide an overnight miracle cure. Anyone who tell syou that you can get over a relationship faster than a New York minute is a liar or has never been in love."

That said, Russo give readers a lot to hope for.

"The path to emotional availability starts with a commitment to seeking the truth about who you have been and who you want to be in your love life. You just have to be willing to go a little deeper to find the truth, as there is a deep reason why your relationship didn't work out. If you look within and around to heal yourself, the answers will be revealed to you."

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